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Your First Stop

  • The Mental Health Station is your first stop in Mental Health and Wellness Training, resources and information. We provide customised Mental Health Training for workplaces, organisations and Individuals. Regular trainings are run in our centrally located centre and training room or we can travel to you.

Our Mission

  • Is to support you in creating a ‘culture of well-being’ where mental health is prioritised through prevention and early intervention. 
  • To educate in the foundations of mental health and wellness.
  • To consult with and provide a comprehensive data-base of mental health resources to make it easy to reach out and find help when needed and to connect with wellness activities.

We Care

  • We believe that organisations and workplaces that are trauma informed and prioritise mental health and wellness play a big role in creating a more compassionate world and that in prioritising our human needs it is also possible to create more creative and productive communities and workplaces. 

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    We also run regular trainings at our own venue.

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