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Your First Stop

  • We provide customised Mental Health First Aid training for workplaces, organisations and Individuals. 
  • Regular trainings are conducted in our centrally located centre and training room. See Training Calendar
  • We travel to your workplace or community 
  • We offer a wide variety of trainings from office wellness to stress reduction, mindfulness, self care & trauma informed community.

Our Mission

  • To support you in creating a ‘culture of well-being’ where mental health is prioritised through prevention and early intervention. 
  • To educate in the foundations of mental health and wellness.
  • To consult with and provide a comprehensive data-base of mental health resources to make it easy to reach out and find help when needed and to connect with wellness activities.

We Care

  • We believe organisations and workplaces that address human needs by: 

  1. Prioritising mental health and wellness
  2. Being trauma informed 
  3. Integrating compassionate and inclusive work practices

Are more productive and work more efficiently towards their goals.


Our Services-Mental Health First Aid Training

NEW YEAR SALE: 20% Reduction off all 2018 Bookings Received January

  • We are taking Mental Health First Aid bookings now, both Standard and Youth, for 2018.
  • All bookings received before the end of january for your workplace or community receive a 20% discount. 
  • We can travel out to your workplace/organisation or take bookings for our regular trainings conducted at our own professional training venues.
  • More information on Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) can be found here

Upcoming Trainings

  • Standard Mental Health First Aid: February 16th & 23rd
  • Standard Mental Health First Aid: March 16th & 23rd
  • For more information and booking go to our Training Calendar

We offer a Variety of Mental Heath Trainings

Mental Health & Wellness Trainings for the Workplace

We have years of experience to share and conduct regular trainings in the workplace on mindfulness, stress reduction, trauma informed community and wellness. 


Our website is currently being redeveloped and copied from our old website. 

Stay tuned as we add more pages and information.

We appreciate your patience.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in booking the following workshops for 2018:

  •   The Mindful Workplace.
  •   Optimising Stress in the Workplace
  •   Office Wellness
  •   Trauma Informed Workplaces

Mental Health & Wellness Trainings for Families

We regularly run trainings on:

  • Foundations of Mental Health and Well Being for New Families
  • The Mindful Home

Trauma Informed Communities

BeFriending Stress

Self Care & Prevention of Burnout


Emergency Numbers

  • Mental Health Emergency Numbers are listed here. Also see button below.
  • Note: this is not an mental health emergency helpline or crisis centre. 
  • If you need emergency support please call one of the numbers listed 

Consult with us to set up a Mental Health Station

We have an extensive list of resources and actively assist and support workplaces in setting up Mental Health Stations in their own community areas / intranets as suites the unique needs of each community.

We  appreciate your patience as we move over information and resources from our old website.


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