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Our History

The Mental Health Station grew out of a recognition by its founder Sydel Weinstein and the client base at the Home of Yoga  and Family Nurturing Centre (founded by Sydel and her partner in 1985) of the importance of raising mental health awareness and of the need for accessible mental health training that was practical in nature and also promoted compassionate listening as an essential skill for mental health support. 

Sydel Weinstein heard Betty Ann Kitchener AM an Australian mental health educator who founded mental health first aid being interviewed on Radio National about her newly created program and knew this would be an excellent training to make available  to the workplaces, communities and families of Western Australia.

Sydel was in the first group to train in WA and has been working as an accredited MHFA instructor for Standard and Youth MHFA on a continuing bases for 13 years achieving Master status. With a background as a sociologist majoring in the sociology of psychiatry, as a senior yoga teacher experienced with yoga for trauma, anxiety and depression , as an experienced mindfulness trainer (trained in MBSR with Jon Kabat-Zinn 2009) and teaching mindfulness and meditation for over 30 years, as well as personal experience as a carer Sydel has a lot of experience to offer that gives a depth to her training. 

Over 13 years of conducting trainings Sydel has visited a wide variety of workplaces from corporate, government departments, schools, non-profits and has become very passionate about promoting mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Sydel has a particular interest in trauma, its prevention and healing and has extensive experience working as a trauma informed body therapist with refugees, teen parents , and survivors of assault. Trainings are also conducted through the Family Nurturing Centre's Mental Health and Well Being program to educate parents in the foundations of mental health. 

Why the Flannel Flower?

Did you know the Flannel Flower is the Australian symbol for mental health awareness? 

That is why you see the Flannel Flower on so many logos and websites on mental health like ours! 

"The Australian bush has an inherent beauty and strength. It is also known for its extremes of weather and landscape. Varieties of the Flannel Flower are commonly found growing wild in the bush throughout Australia. The Flannel Flower, as with all native Australian plants, needs to be adaptable and enduring in order to survive.In the same way all of us, regardless of our life circumstances, develop resilience and the ability to adapt to change, in order to maintain good mental health.

Being open and empathetic to a person’s expression of distress can assist in the recovery of a person living with mental illness and change the negative attitudes of our society as a whole." Ian White

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