Alexandra Shepherd: Pharmacist

"I completed the Mental Health First Aid training course with Sydel in November this year. Sydel is a great trainer who is professional, engaging and has substantial experience in this area. The information was delivered in a way that was suitable for both health and non-health professionals being both practical and adaptive. A lot of training course like this can be quite dry and somewhat tiresome but this was quite the opposite. I would highly recommend Sydel’s training if you are considering doing your MHFA."

Liz Western: Mother & Manager

"I  highly recommend the Mental Health First Aid training for anyone who  has responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of others, whether in a  workplace or in group or team situation. Sydel  is an experienced and empathetic trainer, with a life experience that  enriches the nationally accredited training. Sydel makes the training  and information accessible and relevant to anyone seeking the skills to  make a difference to those with mental health issues. The information,  while often confronting, when put into the context of mental health  first aid with Sydel's gentle and experienced approach, shifts into a  skill set readily available to the learner.I  feel the training has benefitted and added to my management skills, and  will be of benefit in both family and work situation. The more people  who do this training, the better we can shift the social attitudes to  mental health, and become a more inclusive and understanding  community." 

Rhonda: Research Psychologist

"Through  the mhfa training I have learned how to assist individuals experiencing  mental health crisis of many types. As a research psychologist working  with children who suffer with learning disabilities, I now feel like I  am equipped to assist them with the issues and crises they may  experience throughout their life. This component of my services for  children and their families was missing." 

Donna Rowe: Natural Health Professional

"I  completed this course a few months back. Certainly worthwhile as I am  working in the natural health industry with people and their personal  and emotional issues. Also very helpful with identifying issues with  family, friends or work colleagues. I highly recommend this course it is  very well put together and easy to understand. Sydel is an excellent  lecturer/teacher and really knows her stuff." 

Carolyn Verhoef: Professional Organiser

"Such a hugely valuable course I can highly recommend Sydel’s training" 

Margaret Wilcocks: Director Greenwood Yoga Centre

“I  strongly recommend this course to every parent, employer, employee,  sporting manager and any person interested in helping others and  learning about the warning signs and assistance available for people  with Depression and Suicide tendencies, Anxiety disorders, Psychosis and  Substance use disorders. I have decided that I will include this MHFA  course in the forthcoming yoga teacher-training course, as I sincerely  believe that it is a necessary qualification for anyone in a position of  being responsible for a group of people. Sydel is a very polished  presenter and was extremely generous in providing us all with enormous  amounts of information and referral resources.” 

More Testimonials


"What an insightful 2 day Mental Health First Aid course  I’ve just attended. My mission in life is to become of better service to society by helping others with positive self communication. I believe the program and Sydels teachings have given me the tools needed to progress within this field. Thank you very much. " 

Steven Maretic

"The Mental Health First Aid Course gave me valuable insight to how important Mental Health is to the overall wellbeing of people. The course was interactive and really well constructed which helped me to  understand what Mental Health is as well as giving me valuable skills in how to support other people. I strongly recommend this great course"